Welcome to the personal website and blog of Yiani Kapetanakis!

Hello my name is Yiani and I would like to Thank You for visiting my personal website/blog. Here I will be posting anything that revolves around myself. I have many interests and I would like to share them here on my website, yiani.com

What should you expect? Lots of blog posts about random interests of mine, which some are web design, WordPress, computer repair, graphic design, photography, yo-yo’s, kayaking, and much much more!

You can consider Yiani.com, my hub which leads to all of my interests and services.

Also, as a web designer I am doing things a little different…kinda of “out of the box” style for Yiani.com. Typically, web design should be done in the “background” and when the website is complete then you finish with a “launch!” but not here at Yiani.com! I am going to have a complete “Work In Progress” style, that is where I will be updating my site on a regular basis.
You will see the good, the bad and the ugly. Yiani.com will be my experiment to my web design and development practice.

So…let me get digital dirty!!

Thank You, Yiani